About us
Shenzhen Tyworth Display Co., Ltd. is formed with a team of passionate AV professionals. We specialize in stage rental LED display, fine pitch screen, COB display , all-in-one conference display, LCD video wall and other commercial display products.

Combined with the strategic layout in the display market, Tyworth shows strong momentum of development. Our products are sold well in the domestic and overseas. At anytime, anywhere, each member of us keeps the core values of "Striving, Learning, Dedicating, Supporting" in mind, and is committed to making Tyworth your trustworthy choice!
  • Vision
    To be a Benchmark in the Industry Devoted to Achieving Customer Success
    Tyworth focuses on the development of industry, and leads the market through technological innovation and product innovation, aiming to achieve maximized value of customers, and become a benchmark in the field of LED display.
  • Mission
    LED Display Creates a Wonderful World
    Tyworth is committed to integrating infinite creativity with display technology, presenting a wonderful world to audiences, and letting people to perceive more happiness and satisfaction brought by technological progress.
  • Core value
    Striving, Learning, Dedicating, Supporting
Development Path
Tyworth Display is officially opened
Yiwei Optoelectronics factory was completed and put into production
The mayor of Yancheng City, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the mayor of Sheyang County, and the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Sheyang County visited Yiwei Optoelectronics to guide the work
Tyworth large-scale dealer meeting was held in Yancheng / The products Tianzun intelligent module and Pangu 3-in-1 series were released at the same time
Yiwei Optoelectronics factory won the High-quality Investment Promotion Project Award of Sheyang county development zone
Tyworth Display released Kingkong COB series