Control Room Solutions

The command center is the core of daily business management, decision-making, and emergency handling. It plays an important role in smart cities, public safety, emergency rescue, civil air defense emergency, security monitoring and other fields. The Taiwei Display Command Center solution combines big data collection, data analysis technology, display and control integration integration technology, etc., and is equipped with international advanced LED ultra-high-definition large-screen display, distributed seats and intelligent control system, forming a complete set of software, The command center practical application platform integrating hardware and services helps each command center scene to realize the efficient operation of command flattening, linkage integration, and process visualization, and provides customers with safe, real-time, stable and accurate display.
  • High Stability
    Even if the work continues uninterrupted, there will be no faults such as black screen and signal interruption, providing better service and guarantee for the user.
  • Smart Partition
    With the use of distributed systems, centralized processing and control of various types of signal inputs. It can be divided into categories on the display screen, and the information processing is more intuitive and clear.
  • High Protection, Ultra HD
    The display adopts COB panel, which is moisture-proof, dust-proof, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant; with ultra-high resolution, the screen display is more delicate and gorgeous, with details everywhere.