Immersive Solutions

Creating a mix of reality and virtuality, combining XR technology, naked-eye 3D visual effects, and ultra-high-definition display screens to freely create "immersive" pictures according to the needs of the scene, which can be applied to urban cultural tourism, large-scale stage art, supermarkets and other scenes , to bring customers a brilliant, realistic, high-quality "immersive" experience.
  • Ultimate experience
    The LED display equipment is used to close the user's vision and hearing, to generate virtual scenes, and to use virtual reality technology to open up the boundaries of space and time.
  • Edge Intelligent Convergence
    Using UPro multi-channel LED immersive display system, the edge of the multi-channel LED display integrates 360° display, pure hardware graphics processing technology, to show participants a more realistic display effect.
  • Immersive shock
    Compared with the fusion of conventional LED screen and projection, the specially customized LED immersive screen has a significant difference in brightness and color, which makes users feel the real feeling of being the protagonist in the simulated environment.