In recent years, Sheyang Economic Development Zone has seized the opportunity of 5G and a new generation of information technology reform, putting electronic information as one of its featured dominant industries. Strengthened planning and leadership, focused on project investment promotion, insisted on development of both chains and groups, and made every effort to become gathering place of 5G consumer electronics, automobiles electronics, new type displays, integrated circuits and other electronic information industries, Sheyang is helping the electronic information industry to move towards the high end.

In the production workshop of Yancheng Yiwei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., intelligent production equipment can be seen everywhere. A few days ago, the first domestic LED display intelligent production line independently developed by the company was officially put into use, which not only saved production costs, but also guaranteed product quality.

Lin Bijian, general manager of Yancheng Yiwei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. said: By using this intelligent production line, we have realized intelligent aging, intelligent disassembly, intelligent assembly, and intelligent testing. The production efficiency has been increased by 30%, and the production cost has been reduced by 30%.

It is understood that Yancheng Yiwei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is invested and constructed by Skyworth RGB Company. The company is mainly engaged in the design, development and production of LED display, landscape lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting. Meanwhile it can provide customers with construction planning and solutions for cultural lighting & display projects in different fields. Lin Bijian, general manager of Yancheng Yiwei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.: We integrate hardware and software development of the project, and we improve the entire application field. This is also the main highlight for us to have the opportunity to enter the STAR Market in the future.

Sheyang strengthen the leadership of leading enterprises, and the electronic information industry aims toward the high end. The planned area of our county's electronic information industrial park is 1,070 acres, 165 acres has been built, also 48 standard workshops (940,000 square meters) , 200,000 square meters of supporting neighborhood center have been built, 24 electronic information industry enterprises have entered the park. A number of industry leaders such as Luxshare Precision, Han's Laser, Skyworth Group, Tiangu Digital, and Yongyou LCD Module have settled in one after another, and up to 9 of them invested by listed companies, achieving new breakthroughs in quality and quantity. The industrial chain is improving day by day.