On November 18, the 2021 Skyworth Commercial Seiko series LED new product launch conference was held in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province with the theme of "SKYWORTH together, great potential". At the meeting, Skyworth Commercial officially launched two new LED products - "Pangu" intelligent module series and "Tianzun" three-in-one series to improve the high-end and intelligent experience of the LED commercial display market and demonstrate Skyworth Commercial's leadership in the field of LED display Advantage. This move is not only another technological breakthrough of Skyworth Commercial in the field of commercial display, but also means that Skyworth Commercial has more right to speak in the era of ups and downs of new and old players in the LED commercial display market.

With the development of Internet technology, the advancement of digital technology, the application of big data and the increasingly prominent advantages of LED display, Chinese LED display companies have accounted for more than 80% of the global market share. Such a huge market scale has accelerated the development of new products. , the promotion and application of new technologies. At the same time, LED display technology is becoming mature, and the market has entered the stock stage. In order to ensure shipments and profit margins, major brands have crossed the LED commercial display market, which has impacted the original industry structure. As a strength representative in the commercial field, Skyworth Commercial has a keen sense of smell. Relying on the strength of Skyworth Group, it continues to invest in the research and development of LED displays and establishes Shenzhen Taiwei Display Technology Co., Ltd. to strategically deploy the LED display market and provide users with more intelligent solutions. product. Yang Denggao, deputy general manager of the Commercial Display Division of Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., said in his speech: "Skyworth Commercial has the confidence and ability to become the confident choice of customers."